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Apple Cider Loaf

Just like all good bakers from the South as soon as the temperature dropped to the low 70s I knew I had to start trying apple cider recipes. I would call this more of a bread than a cake. A very similar texture to banana bread. This would be perfect with some apple butter or […]

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Pizza Flatbread

If you live anywhere near a Sprouts farmers market you definitely need to download their app. We discovered recently that you can do all your shopping on the app to make a list or have everything delivered! Since I am currently obsessed with fresh lemon and herbs we have been going to the store every […]

sweet potato rolls
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Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls

Thanks Giving is only weeks away! Every year I scramble to get everything ready in time. This year I am planning early and having a stress free holiday. What kind of holiday person are you? Christmas decorations before or after Thanks Giving? Usually we wait until the weekend after Thanks Giving, but this year we […]

brown sugar raisin bagels
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Brown Sugar Raisin Bagels

It feels so good to be back after two weeks! I have been stock piling recipes during my absence and I’m pretty sure these Brown Sugar Raisin Bagels are the best thing I’ve made in ages! March was one of the busiest months I’ve had since the holidays. We had a huge joint birthday party […]

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Banana Bread With Dark Chocolate

Something about this time of year always has me craving banana bread. It probably has something to do with the fact that I always try and increase my fruit and veggie intake at the beginning of the year. This year we are going to try out whole 30. I am excited to really clean up […]

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Salty Olive and Cheddar Bread

Something about fresh baked bread just gives my house such a homey feel. We do not eat a lot of bread believe it or not which is really hard on my Italian roots. My mother makes some of the greatest bread I have ever had. Growing up we always had home made yeast rolls with […]

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Cream Biscuits (Easy)

Cream biscuits are the most fool proof recipes that I can find. Sometimes I find recipes that I think will work, but they are too dry or too greasy. My perfect biscuit has a nice crust, salty sweet flavor, and a soft flaky middle.  Growing up in a small southern town you are basically required […]