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Royal Icing For Cut Out Cookies

There is a little story about this royal icing. I decided I wanted to make little cut out cookies for all my friend’s children this Christmas. I started with my gingerbread recipe then my go to sugar cookies. I tried a chocolate chip shortbread and some chocolate shortbread. Now the night before I knew I wanted […]

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Classic Tiramisu (Non Alcoholic!)

Tiramisu is one of my all time favorite desserts. It is not too sweet. So light and fluffy. And flavors that are out of this world. Think layers of cocoa, dainty sponge cake dipped in a dark roasted coffee, and whipped mascarpone cream. This dish always makes me think of Christmas. The original recipe calls […]

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Winning Fried Apple Muffins

These fried apple muffins are the perfect start to your morning. Sweet fried apples are folded into a spicy muffin batter. This recipe is just as easy as a regular apple muffin, but packs a huge flavor punch! I used a brownie bar pan instead of a traditional muffin tin because I am a rebel […]

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Chocolate Pecan Pie

When the holidays come around there is nothing I want more then a huge slice of pecan pie. This year I wanted to change it up a little and add chocolate. If I am making something for the first time I usually go to the NYTimes recipe section online. They always have incredible recipes with […]

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Salty Olive and Cheddar Bread

Something about fresh baked bread just gives my house such a homey feel. We do not eat a lot of bread believe it or not which is really hard on my Italian roots. My mother makes some of the greatest bread I have ever had. Growing up we always had home made yeast rolls with […]

Cake Recipes

Caramel Chocolate Cake With Nutella Frosting

Halloween treats are my favorite kinds of desserts to make! This Caramel Chocolate Cake is no different. I used a basic chocolate cake batter and elevated it with layers of salted caramel, nutella frosting, and sugar glass shards. I will warn you- these sugar shards were pretty sharp. They taste awesome, but I removed them […]

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Nutella Caramel Fudge Brownies

I know – who do I think I am posting two Nutella recipes in a row? I just cannot help myself! I have no idea how I have somehow lumped Nutella and the fall season together. Something about this cocoa hazelnut spread just has my taste buds singing! I also needed a reason to use […]