How to wear color eyeshadow

I love colors but not necessarily on my eyes. I’m always terrified of looking like I came out of the 80s. Pink and brown is a classy way to do color and is completely work appropriate. 

I used all too faced shadows/blushes to create this look. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, rosy blush, taffy and snowflake. 
Start by using a light brown on a fluffy brush and blend all over the eye and lower lash line.
On the same brush use the rosy blush and sweep into crease. Using either the same brush or a smudge brush add the dark brown lightly to the outer v of the eye and the inner of the eye. 
Using a clean brush blend everything together until you cannot see any edges then add a light pink to the center of the eye. 

Final touches are using a shimmery white to the inner corner of the eye and under the brow. Finish with your favorite mascara and liner. 

Enjoy !

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