Fast Hardening Royal Icing

Merry Christmas!!! I couldn’t think of a better time of year to share my go to royal icing recipe. This is so kid friendly. The best part is the icing will harden in 2-5 minutes. Sometimes it’s just way too hard for me to wait around all day while waiting for icing to harden especially if we are doing a lot of different decorations.

I decorated these with the kids in about an hour. Since we didn’t use cream of tartar these actually tasted really good too!

My favorite design was the mittens. They were so easy!!!! Just a dip into red. Some piped white then sprinkles!

Royal Icing Recipe

2 tbsps of pasteurized egg whites

2 tbsps of vanilla

3 cups of powdered sugar plus more for thickening


In a large bowl mix the eggs and vanilla. Add in the sugar and whisk until smooth. You can add more vanilla or water if you need a thinner consistency. I like to start thick and slowly thin out. Add your food coloring and decorate! Let dry in between colors. Use sprinkles when the icing is still slightly wet.


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