Chocolate Marscapone Frosting

My favorite part of tiramisu is the creamy Marscapone custard. I wanted to make a light chocolatey frosting for a chocolate cake. I considered cream cheese, but that felt too heavy. I didn’t want a traditional buttercream because that seemed too sugary. Marscapone just seemed like the right fit. Rich and buttery, but not too sweet. It pairs perfectly with chocolate cake. 

What you need: 
4 ounces of marscapone (I found mine at publix in the specialty cheese section)
1/4 cup dark cocoa powder unsweet 
1 cup powdered sugar 
2 tbsp 2% milk (or cream or whole milk) 
1/2 stick of room temperature butter 
I highly recommend using a hand mixture. A whisk could also work. You really want as much air as possible to get a whipped texture. 
Whip together butter and marscapone. Add in cocoa powder and sugar. The mixture should be dark and very thick. Add in milk one tbsp at a time. Depending on your preference you can add more. The frosting should resemble a whipped cream in the end. Do not over mix. 

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