2015 Summer Essentials

Summer is one of my favorite times of year to try new products. New collections and bright colors always seem to be popping up. Habitual self tanning is accepted by my coworkers. Grilling out every night becomes the norm. I also get to bust out a lot of favorites that get tucked away every fall. 

1. The romper
My boyfriend hates when I wear “onsies” I love them. So easy and casual. My new favorite is from aeopostale. (Right? Who knew they were still around)
Get the one I am wearing here – https://m.aeropostale.com/product/index.jsp?productId=59954336
2. The Perfect Bathing Suit
I usually get my bathing suits from target, old navy, or Victoria’s Secret. The vs semi annual sale is currently going on so you get score a nice one without spending a ton of money. My new one is a colorful tribal print. 
3. Sunglasses
I never spend a lot on sunglasses because I always drop them or lose them. My two favorite brands are New York and company and Nordstrom. 
I have had this $12 pair from Nordstrom for over 3 years. Such a classic pair.

4. Deep waver 
I used a deep waver from bedhead to get the look above. So easy! It’s my go to because it looks better the next day! 

5. Texturizing spray 
I love a good salt spray for summer time.my hair is naturally curly so I would be a frizz ball if I used it alone, but paired with my deep waver it is amazing. My current favorite is the Not Your Mothers sea salt spray 
6. Accessories
I love fun colorful statement pieces for summer. I do not love spending a fortune on a trendy piece. I usually search in boutiques for items. There is a new boutique that popped up near me that sells clutters of beaded bracelets for only $1!

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