Holiday Updates

This holiday season seemed to appear so much faster this year! A few months back I posted about how I was nervous to celebrate my favorite time of year as a single woman. So far I think I have been able to handle myself just fine :). We just found out we have to work Thanksgiving day so I am actually relieved I did not make big plans. 
I have been overwhelmed with the amount of love I have received from all my friends. It is hard to feel alone with this amazing support system. This post will eventually be about surviving retail during the holidays so feel free to skip this sappy portion. Shits about to get real. 
The greatest gift I have received this season is hope that there is someone out there for everyone. Sometimes you go through painful trying experiences so you will be open to the people God brings into your life. He is rarely early, never late, but always right on time. 
Maybe my life plan strayed. I wasn’t married by 23 and didn’t have my first child by 25. Would I have an amazing career and find my calling as a foodie if I did follow that plan? Probably not. Would I have met the man that makes me believe fairy tales are fact? Definitely not. Keep an open heart. You never know who will find you. 
Onto the post!
Surviving retail 101
1. Have a plan. Who are you buying for? Write it down with a budget of what you can spend on each person. Once to hit that number stop! You wouldn’t believe how many times I find things in packaging that were forgotten gifts. No reason to over spend. 
2. Black Friday is a scam. Every business including my own will freak, but it is true. You are going to get the same deals the week before and the week after. Maybe you can score one good thing, but did you really need that $75 RCA tv when there is a $200 LG as every day price?? Nah
3. Save your coupons. Every year I make an email and sign up for every store newsletter. The best coupons you will get this week will be kohls, express, bath and body works, loft, limited, macys, gap and  jcpenney. Sign up now!
4. Shop online. Cyber Monday is December 1st. Only hold out for that if you are buying electronics. Otherwise just buy everything in Black Friday. I have been in retail management for almost 10 years and every Black Friday I have bought 75% of my gifts online during my lunch break. Almost everywhere will be free shipping. Ship to my home for free and I don’t have to wait in line? Yes please. 
5. Stock up on your favorite drinks! Publix has keurig Starbucks Christmas blend for $6.99! That’s a steal for sure! 
Happy shopping!

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