Facials and Yoga Straps

My skin has been acting terrible lately. I have been under a lot of stress at work and I definitely see the difference in my skin. Origins had been an absolute life saver for me. I have always used their moisturizer and eye creams but I have recently started using their face masks and acne treatment. My go to routine is to use the charcoal treatment once a week and follow up with the over night drink up mask. The super spot treatment is perfect for smaller areas that break out. The redness almost immediately went away! Sephora also started carrying single treatments and the brighten pearl is hands down the best mask I have ever used! My skin had a glow like I had just gotten back from the spa. 

Another thing that has really helped my skin is yoga. I have been practicing for years, but I finally incorporated a yoga strap. Life changing! Using the strap was just the push I needed to jump start my strengthening and toning routine. If you haven’t tried using a yoga strap I 100% recommend it! 

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