Lazy Sundays

Normally, I am stuck at work on Sunday mornings. This weekend we went to the Atlanta BBQ festival and I decided to take a long weekend. 
Our church message today was on finding happiness. I felt like it was completely appropriate seeing as how that is typically what everyone is striving for on a day to day basis. 
Isn’t it funny how every time you are going through something you are suddenly given the exact message you need to hear? Whether it be a sermon or devotional, a news report, even just a friend calling to check on you the exact time you need someone. 
Two months ago I was having a hard time seeing what was in my future. In reality you can never know what the future holds, but it is good to have goals. 
Some of my goals were to find a job that I truly loved, to invest more time to blogging, to consistently go to church, to finally live the healthy live style I knew so much about.
I’m happy to say that these goals really pulled me out of a tough spot. A lot of opportunities have presented themselves and I am excited to see what my future holds. 
Do not be so hard on yourself. Today I enjoyed pancakes, steak, hashbrowns, and eggs. Not really part of my diet, but the pancakes are an organic mix from trader joes, the steak was a half portion of extra lean top round, the hashbrowns were cooked in a little light butter rather than oil. There are lots of things you can do to enjoy a “cheat” meal without feeling like you have ruined the whole day. 
Set goals. Do what makes you happy. Stop living a life that doesn’t feel like your own. 
Enjoy your Sunday!

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