Mauvey Glam Eyes Featuring The NAKED 3 Palette

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Warm colors are my safe place. Bronze, mustards, reds, oranges, light browns, dark browns – they all bring such life to the face. My skin tone is absolutely awakened by warm colors, but I have felt like I have been in a rut. The same few colors every day.

Last night I stayed up eating cookies in bed while watching Gotham on Netflix. Side note – Did you know Keebler made cookies nearly identical to the girl scout Samoas? Did you also know I am slightly embarrassed to admit I buy packaged cookies when I can make my own…

Anyway, when I woke up I just was not feeling my best. Tired, wiping crumbs off my sleepy cheeks, I needed a pick me up. It was time to dust off my Naked 3 palette.

Mauves, pinks, purples and browns. Such a great original variety of colors. I need to remember to reach for them more often! I created a really easy look using only this palette. Strange is the best matte pink shadow to really open up the eyes and help you looked rested. Give this look a try!

CLICK HERE – for the full tutorial 🙂

Products I Used:

Naked 3 Palette

NYC liquid liner

Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara

Rimmel Lip Liner Spice

Buxom Lipgloss Dolly

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