Pretzel Slider Rolls

pretzel rolls

Sometimes everything inside of me wants a soft buttery pretzel, but then there is dinner. Not everyone approves of soft pretzels for dinner (I know crazy to believe). So to make sure I pleased everyone at the dinner table I turned my craving into a roll for fried chicken sliders. These rolls have the soft […]

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Chocolate Cream Pie

chocolate cream pie

When I was younger our family always went to a pie shop in Florida after church. It is one of my earliest memories. The walls were bright white and the tables were half booth half swivel chairs.  Wall to wall coolers filled with different pies. Coconut cream, pecan, pistachio, pumpkin, various fruits and chocolate cream. […]

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Cinnamon Roll Danishes

cinnamon rolls

  What do you do when you can’t decide between a cinnamon roll and a danish? Well if you are me you make both. Together. As one. I was pouring the ingredients for cinnamon rolls into my bread maker when it dawned on me. I didn’t have to choose one or the other. Instead of […]

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Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake

Triple Chocolate Cake

When I want chocolate, I WANT CHOCOLATE. This dessert has a dense mocha cake drizzled with rich ganache and topped with chocolate shavings. Did you ever watch that movie Matilda as a child? The scene where little boy goes on stage and sits in front of this enormous chocolate cake. Using his hands to eat […]

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Sour Cream Crumb Cake

crumb cake

 It has been raining in Georgia for the past two weeks straight. This crumb cake is all I can think about in this gloomy cold weather. It is so moist with a delicate crumb topping. I enjoy a slice with my coffee, but it could definitely double as a dessert topped with whipped cream. My […]

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Easy Three Ingredient Cheddar Biscuits

     I love brunch. Saturday mornings are my lazy mornings. I do not have anywhere to be until my 11am yoga class so I take my sweet time getting ready. This morning the sun was shining, teasing me with the chance of a rain free day. Then came the storm clouds.      Now […]

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